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Published on2024/02/29
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Memory is a resource constantly in short supply. It's twisted, forgotten, fragmented; hardly are our memories fully preserved. There are only certain special moments that we remember vividly which are resurfaced by certain sights, smells, sounds, and tastes. These moments are shared similarly by everyone who has ever lived a life. Childhood, school, adulthood, parenthood, and the end of our lives. Through these intensely human times in our lives, we are empathetic, jealous, and bonded. These memories mold our lives and relationships. These memories make us human. When imagining the future of memory I have created a space in which we can look back on objects and moments in our lives. These memories are enshrouded within and around data, which I envision in the future is so vital to human connection and evolution as memory has been for generations.


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