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The 23-year-old confession

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Published on2019/10/04
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This work is mainly about the artist's confusing imagination of sex, such as her contradictory mind that she desired the sex but too afraid to face it or the impact and the stimulation after dating with others. Artist thinks that VR is just like creating an eternity for oneself. It records the memory of a period of time and the space at that certain moment. Therefore, people can experience VR to return to the time of the past and recall the memory. Through VR experience, viewers are free to choose the viewing angle to maximize the visual sense. The silence in the work brings more imagination and more diverse experience to the audience too. Also, this work used both 3D models and images from real life. The combination of virtual and real is like the epitome of life nowadays, the boundary between virtual and reality is gradually too difficult to distinguish. The artist hopes that the audience can feel the same psychological feelings of curiosity and fear about sex (since she was born in a traditional family), or recall the memory of the first time facing sex, the confusion and anxiety of their mind. The end of the work also returns to the simplest scene, which seems to be a rest for this chaotic thought.


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