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Morning on Earth: remnants from an allusive forever

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Published on2024/04/18
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Morning on Earth by artist Carla Knopp for ISEA 2024, Everywhen (phone version available) "Morning on Earth" presents an immersive realm of recurring motifs, where mountainous formations enshrine mysterious icons from an unknown time. Are these ceremonial monuments, omens, or something else? Do these artifacts reflect a past cataclysmic event, or do they foretell future potentialities? A 360 video with haunting music adds a visceral layer, with its miniature diorama of drifting debris and ghostly figures in the mist. We turn to an inner chamber in the mountain, where six rooms co-exist in space, each activated by point-and-click emblems near the entrance. This allegorical panorama reveals a palimpsest of icons, prompting viewers to uncover meanings, to envision narratives. The emotional ambience wavers on the brink between hope and despair, possibly encompassing both. __________________________________________________________ Carla Knopp is an XR artist with deep roots in exploratory studio painting. In both areas she uses visual allegory to present various themes focused on human existence. She is particularly interested in paradoxes where conflicting desires or ideas coexist in the same conceptual territory. Carla’s painting career spans 30+ years and includes exhibitions throughout the USA. In 2015 she began building virtual environments for 2D and 360 videos. These works have been screened worldwide at various festivals and events. Carla currently creates spatial content for metaverse worlds and other new media projects. When not roaming virtual spaces as Olgelta, she lives and works in an urban mini-forest in Indianapolis, USA Music composition: Ars Sonor, Parvus Decree – The Introspection – 02 – Invisible Sun I CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)


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