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Parabola Board

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Published on2020/11/06
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The Galton Board has long been known as a device that is able to make statistics look interesting. I wondered if I could make an AR version of such a mathematical device ,and aimed to create an AR board that would allow you to enjoy the beauty of the parabola.It's as simple as 50 balls hitting multiple cubes and bouncing off them, and the parabolic trajectory that appears has a unique beauty.The quadratic function (parabolic equation)studied in Mathematics 1 is the first hurdle to first year high school students. This work has been devised, so that it can be used as a teaching tool for high school students to overcome previous problems with the parabolic equation as much as possible. Randomize the position of the falling ball,change the position of the cube, display the coordinates of the vertices and the intersections, and the formula explodes beautifully.Having said all this, the main purpose is just really to appreciate the parabola.


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