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Ultramono AvantGarden LAB: The Oneness and O.C.P. techno album by Tanja Vujinovic

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Published on2023/01/11
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Ultramono AvantGarden LAB: The Oneness by Tanja Vujinovic featuring her techno album O.C.P. The symbol of Ultramono in its different forms depicts two alien heads facing or looking away from each other. Symbol is inspired by the ongoing complex and multifaceted relationship between people and technology. On one hand, technology has greatly improved our lives and made many tasks easier and more efficient. On the other hand, it has also led to increased our dependence on technology. Union or oneness happens within the very core of contemporary techno machinery, where dozens of individual machine parts produce diverse sounds and contribute to the ongoing creation of the soundscape of utopia. Project also features the mysterious drink that further helps the proces of achieving oneness. (find out more on the website www.tanjav.art) Credits AvantGarden: The Oneness by Tanja Vujinovic Audio-visual artwork, 12:18 minutes Digital images (prints and custom made objects) Virtual world on Styly platform 3DCG and sound: Tanja Vujinovic Production: Ultramono, 2023 Consulting iotrip, Software Engineer Mika Pi, Software Engineer RonBreIan, Software and Audio Engineer Ultramono is a cybernetic art hub for the production of new media art, with events dedicated to futuristic art and EDM, digital permaculture, inspiring conversations, and presents a gallery & clubbing events in ambients of AvantGarden Spheres and other spaces created by Tanja Vujinovic. Visit Ultramono website https://www.ultramono.art/ and Tanjas website https://www.tanjav.art/ to find out more.


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