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Make America Great Again and Again

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Published on2024/04/21
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Make America Great Again and Again (MAGAA) appropriates the exclusive political slogan “Make America Great Again” to create an inclusive phenomenon through participatory/interactive storytelling art. MAGAA invites visitors beyond the U.S. border to an exhibition space, transforming it into a public sphere where they can manipulate or maintain a large American flag displayed on a white wall, accompanied by the Star-Spangled Banner song. Following the exhibition outside of the United States, the project will return to the United States to showcase external voices and then travel to other countries. Upon its return to the United States, the project will incorporate a broader range of voices from its previous journeys. MAGAA is an ever-evolving open work, as it circulates at different exhibition events. Rather than providing a definitive answer to the questionable slogan “Make American Great Again,” this project provides a public platform for participants to dis-cuss diverse perspectives on the concept of "make America great again." This process naturally visualizes a temporal collage, transitioning from the American flag image to a multi-screen representation created by participants via YouTube. MAGAA transcends the aim of solely amassing opinions regarding the meaning of 'Make America Great Again' within the United States. Instead, this project serves as a global public sphere, inviting audiences from beyond U.S. borders to engage with the discourse. Diverse versions of MAGAA in various countries will gather a spectrum of voices from around the world, subsequently stimulating a reevaluation of its meaning among visitors in the United States from fresh and diverse perspectives. MAGAA's international re-enactments will persist as an ongoing endeavor, aimed at broadening the horizon of American understanding, fostering a greater appreciation for multifaceted opinions and perspectives from across the globe.


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