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Hekateris Dance Salsa

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Published on2024/06/02
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The Hekateris Dance is a playful interactive Augmented Reality Artwork to prompt audiences to imagine how humans may evolve in the distant future as we are impacted by climate change. The project draws on the past and present, through mythology and nature, to imagine what we may be in the process of becoming for survival on a planet impacted by climate crisis. The Goat Dactyl was modified for rumination as a solution to the hunger crisis, to sustainably feed the world. It has a stomach engineered to mimic that of the goat with four chambers to enable the Goat Dactyl to eat any form of plant living and otherwise. The four chambers enable the use of enzymes to breakdown and regurgitate the cud so that even the toughest roughage can be digested. The Goat Dactyl is a social being, and their forebears appeared in many ancient cultures as companions to the Gods. As with the goats of ancient Roman myth, the Goat Dactyl is equipped to roam inaccessible natural terrain, particularly the wilderness and barren or rocky landscapes now left uninhabitable for many as a result of the last Epoch of Warming. In keeping with ancient mythology, the Goat Dactyl is associated with magic, energy and mischief, their ancestors in ancient Sumerian myth accompanied Mardock the God of Magic and pulled the chariot of Agni, the Vedic god of fire in Hindu Myth and also for the Scandinavian God Thor, who represented virility thunder and strength. The Goat Dactyl is also able to live independently and has the inbuilt protection of their horns to ward off marauding gangs in the lawless regions. The Goat Dactyl is fun loving and playful, in line with the tradition of Scandinavian countries where the goat represents the trickster and during the festive season accompanies singers as they travel through the village playing tricks on the inhospitable. Credits: Avatar © C Gould, Animation, Adobe Mixamo download. Audio, Sci Fi by Benjamin Tissot Bensound’s Royalty Free Music


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