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Dreams and Memories, a cycle of people's hopes and prayers

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Published on2024/02/29
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I decided to do my assignment one on Chinese New Years since around the time this was given out it was near new years back in Taiwan where I spent the better half of my childhood. When I think of the "future of memory," I tend to think about how we think of the past and what we hope for in the future. For example we can think about how we wish that our dreams would come true or be successful or make a million dollars or we can think about the past how we remember our ancestors or loved ones or events. In my piece, the lanterns are what people write their dreams on and send them into the sky becoming the Dragon which symbolizes the combination of data and Perhaps protection from evil for dragons are eternal and protect those who are pure. I titled my piece “Dreams and Memories, a cycle of people's hopes and prayers,”to shorten down what I wrote into a single sentence.


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