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Published on2022/07/13
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The Gateway is an immersive public sculpture environment designed to provide visitors with a captivating experience and pass through the designed path. The installation depends on how the kaleidoscopes fracture the physical world and generate visual impact. In conjunction with the mirror shattering, the experience shifts into circulation with the environment reflection and light to create a unique sensory effects that can only match by imagining oneself inside the kaleidoscopes. The space requirement for project is approximately 5m x 5m. The space needs to be outdoor and open in all angles, with no roof or columns. The technique incorporated in the project listed as 3d printing, 3d modelling, Blender, STYLY and Unity Game Engine. Visitors will be able to experience the project by scanning the AR code natively and directly engage with the content. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, visitor just need to point their camera towards the QR code and it will redirect them to the app and they can start entering to the project and walking through the Gateway. AR codes let them add an extra dimension to the project by creating interactive content to the real world around them.


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