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Intertwined world

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Published on2023/03/26
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Intertwined world I use twisted and intertwined furniture to express the subject of future memory. In modern life, people suffer from overflow information, everything is connected, and nothing exists singly. Visually speaking, the twist and heteromorphic object is an abstract way of expressing how information is organized and connected to a web in human eyes. One important issue here is, in the future, what is our cultural heritage, and what is a shared memory that deserves to be retained? And in what form will we store it? In my overview, some furniture was flattened and scattered in every corner of the view, they’re presenting the everyday objects in our daily life, and the suspending ball is the bubble that this ' furniture’ continuously ongoing and keeps changing in shape, the bubbles are slowly keeping orbiting, which gave out an atmosphere that secret and peaceful.


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