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Published on2022/01/24
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GhostAR This is an AR application that brings back memories of things that were once there but suddenly disappeared, or things that are invisible now but were once there like ghosts. The only function of this AR application is to display a wand to show the direction. It does not show anything of your memories on the screen. Launching this application is an opportunity to think about something that is no longer there. In our daily lives, we don't often go out to trace our memories. As time goes by, the frequency of remembering what you lost will decrease. The time to use this app is the time to meet the ghost. Specifically, it is an experience to connect with the ghost by evoking memories associated with that place. Gathering on the 49th day to remember the deceased, or gathering at a festival to celebrate something. Just as a place can be a motivation for action, I hope that an application can be a motivation for action that evokes memories. By making time to think about things that are not here now, we can expand our reality and feel a connection to things that are not here now.


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