The Feeble Palace -- Future of Memory

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Published on2023/03/27
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We live in the current. It is a spot where memory and the future divide. Standing in the perspective of being in the future to look through memory, documenting, digitalizing, and storing is a way we reify our memory. The Feeble Palace is a space that manipulated the existing place in reality. I have scanned a convenience store and a studio and got the 3d model. Two spaces blend in the metaverse. It is considered a process of digitalizing things in the real world and storing it as data. Other models like face, fruit, and iMac are manipulated in dimension and the way they existed. It is fantasticality to see some Chinese characters flowing in the sky (thing萬物, metaverse元宇宙, future of memory未來之回憶). Things rotate in their orbit as if the convenience store is the sun of the universe. However, it is a universe that everyone can create and it only exist in the document.


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