Grandpa's new old times reminiscent of the past with haptics and VR

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Published on2021/10/26
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Grandpas new old times: reminiscent of the past with haptics and VR is the result of our collective work in the lab. It explores how new technology can be used to bring the elderly back to the good old days (a part of Gerontechnology). In addition to entertainment, virtual reality can be actively helped in the treatment of dementia by designing meanful nostalgic scenes. We have designed a haptics kit that can be an add-on to the Oculus controller to increase immersion during experiencing VR. In the future, we hope to enable the elderly to have fun and get into the flow of the game with the system we designed. We developed the scene in Unity, using MAX/MSP to connect the position and state signals of Unity and the Haptics kits, and generated the haptics illusion with vibrations on the hardware. The shape, weight and the way the modules are joined together are delicately designed to give the user a visually matching haptics experience.


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