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Vine planetNew scene 2024.

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Published on2024/04/03
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On another planet in outer space, there exists a landscape vastly different from Earth's. Here, the scenery is woven from vines and the branches of plants. The inhabitants of this planet are a group of mysterious and beautiful extraterrestrial beings who possess a distinctive feature - wings. These wings display a vibrant array of colors, allowing these extraterrestrials to gracefully fly through the starry skies, weaving between their own vine-covered homes. Closely connected to the flora around them, they coexist with their environment in a harmonious manner. They are not only residents of the planet but more akin to guardians and companions of the botanical world. On this planet, plants are not just materials for shelter but the very cornerstone of life. Aliens and plants grow together, evolve together, relying on and supporting each other.


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