Isolation: My Personal Experience

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Published on2021/03/26
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An interactive experience created and developed from my own personal experience with isolation. In my particular case, isolation was mandatory due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over time, my room became a reflection of my mental state. The four walls - despite being well-decorated - had become an imprisonment and the sense of ennui grew until it became overwhelming. Without the company of another person, solace had to be found in other forms thus the never-ending music and hum of the television. The concept of time became lost, days blurred together and eventually all that felt familiar was within the parameters of my room. Come in. Stay for a while. Live out my experience so that you may compare and reflect on yours. Viewable with VR software, web browser and mobile devices. Sound on. Music from SoundCloud: Billie Holiday - I'll Be Seeing You Colour Noise Therapy - Rain in the City at Night


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