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Published on2024/04/10
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Capturing the essence of a space Nightmare On my first day in the new apartment, stepping out of the elevator, I encountered a lengthy corridor. Despite the daylight, it shows an oddly dark and mysterious vibe. A strange odor hung in the air, a blend of dampness and decay. Plus, my room number, 404. That night, I experienced a nightmare. I felt unease, with echoing footsteps hunting me from the elevator. It seemed like someone was constantly following me, and upon reaching my room, I couldn't open the door. I dashed down the corridor, aiming to flee. However, the endless rows of rooms seemed to stretch indefinitely, leaving me uncertain. Finally, I hid in the elevator and hoped to escape and then I woke up just before I was about to be caught. It's curious how certain places evoke memories, no matter good or bad. Space serves as a physical memory, one you can touch and see. This apartment corridor will forever hold memories for me, even after I leave.


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