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Estates Sales Centre

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Published on2023/03/26
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This work is an imaginary estates sales center in the future, whose style is eastern Zen Garden with the feeling of solitude and peaceful. The groups of stones and ripple patterns are called karesansui in Japanese, which means dry landscape. Stones and patterns represent Mountains and streams. One of the deeper meanings of karesansui is that by appreciating the scene, people can return from emptiness to our daily life without abandoning themselves to wandering and fickleness. The idea can use to reflect the current estate market, people keep on doing property speculation ignoring the normal demand of residence. So, the reason I select karesansui as the style of the scene is conveying the wish of return of the original function of estates and housing. The way I respond to the theme “Future of Memory” is that I set a service stand called Housing Provident Fund payment and it is private data payment only. In the future citizens not only pay the fund by individual tax and the company, but they can also pay by private data at the stand. This payment is totally not through the regulation of government so that people are at high risk of data leakage.


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