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Published on2020/10/29
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This is a page of try-on, goods confirmation AR of AR-Tshirt. I can experience the confirmation of a try-on, the goods of the T-shirt in AR (free) You can see AR work created in TiltBrush when I read QR code printed out by a T-shirt. I am going to sell the T-shirt in future in a net shop. STYLY application is necessary for AR experience. The STYLY application is this. A sale planned shop is this. XR and goods shop [EVS] AR function, button introduction I assume the operation in front of try-on mode (a person and clothes, light blue) >> mirror. Repeat AR to oneself appearing in fixation, the mirror with a button of the hand; and a try-on feeling. I move it goods mode (clothes, green) >> and turn it and increase and reduce it. Move it, and display it in the room, and change an angle and the size; and atmosphere confirmation. When it is not size, I enter the goods mode once and will change size to laying upon, a try-on mode. Main button I move it and turn it, and extended reduction >> function includes it. The lower left button group: Various menus. The right side: A supporting operation button displays it. I move >> model to change (hand) in a fixed state. I turn in >> model to turn (arrow of circle). I enlarge and reduce (+-) >> model to enlarge and reduce. I return Re >> state. I close a menu. I added VR. I can walk around the TiltBrush work world. You enjoy the backside, and please look for it as there is the hidden element. [VR]AR-T-shirt_The fate of apples [Ringo no yukue]


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