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Rangiroa in the Afternoon | NEWVIEW Awards 2022 submission by Wenxin Liu

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Published on2022/08/18
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“Rangiroa in the Afternoon” is a virtual reality piece about experiencing joy and happiness. The scene is designed for people who are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, to transport them to a calm place immersed in nature. Psychology research shows that an effective way of reducing anxiety is by focusing one’s attention outside of oneself, for example, by focusing on an external task. This piece employs that technique - through elements of play and exploration, the viewer’s focus is shifted away from their bodily sensations of anxiety, immersed instead in the VR scene. Virtual reality is used to create a landscape that is both real and surreal at the same time. The viewer is welcome to lie on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves from the ocean. They can also explore inside the beach house, where an upbeat piece of music plays. There are also other elements on the beach that the viewer can play with. “Rangiroa in the Afternoon” becomes a sanctuary that the viewer can return to whenever they feel overwhelmed, at any time. Wenxin Liu is a software engineer and computer scientist based in London. She also holds degrees in Biochemistry and Philosophy. She is interested in the intersection between technology, science and art. Her recent creative works have been about exploring how novel technologies can be used to make pieces that are both beautiful and beneficial to the viewer at the same time, for example, by making joy and calmness more readily accessible at any time to those who are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and anxious.


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