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future of memory

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Published on2023/03/26
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The development of technology now is constantly changing every aspect of our lives, like the way we work and relax, the way we learn and communicate, and the way we explain and transform the world. The development of art is also gradually moving towards abstraction, subjective, symbolic and fragmented. Based on the theme of this project "the future of memory", I think of the "information cocoon" phenomenon that people focus on information field habitually guided by their interest and make their life shackle in general "cocoon". Due to the rapid development of data network today, this phenomenon is increasingly common. Therefore, in my work, I use geometric forms to create an abstract city and each geometry has a different size and pattern color. They gather together to form the city, but each of them is separated and independent existence. There are several human heads staring at the city from different directions, each exists independently, only looking at the world in front of them.


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