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Fumika / Piano motion capture system

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Published on2020/11/08
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We are planning to make a virtual character called Fumika debut as a pianist. As a pianist, the piano playing motion needs to be accurate, and we are creating our own system to capture the playing motion with unity. This file uses it to capture the performance and is created based on the motion data. Specifically, it combines LeapMotion + HTC Vive + Midi data to capture finger movements during performance. At the point where the piano performance starts 24 seconds after the start of playback, the processing becomes heavy, and depending on the PC environment, you may have to wait for nearly 2 minutes. I'm sorry, but please wait a moment. Once you've read the data, you won't have to wait anymore. With the old MacPro2010, it took about 5 seconds. It may be related to the memory capacity. Depending on the viewing environment of the user, the timing of the picture and sound may not match. Please enjoy!


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