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Published on2023/03/12
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Technology and culture coming together is something I find to be extremely fascinating. The potential of augmented reality (AR) and how it might increase our understanding of and enjoyment of art especially intrigues me. I focused on African art when I was designing the museum, which was my first artistic choice. Africa has a long history of creating some of the most recognizable works of art, contributing to its rich and varied cultural heritage. I saw the museum as a chance to introduce a larger audience to the depth and complexity of African art because so many people are still ignorant of it. I started to consider how to show African art in an augmented reality setting once I decided on it as my main subject. I was certain that I wanted to develop a compelling, engaging experience that would draw people in and let them discover fresh ways to view the art. Including a variety of forms of African art in the exhibit was another creative choice I made. For the purpose of highlighting the continuous development of African art and showcasing the variety of styles and methods, I included everything from traditional sculptures to modern digital art also acrylic painting. I believe that actively promoting and supporting diversity in all facets of the arts, from curating and exhibition to financing and education, will help address the exclusion of non-European cultures from the art world. This can entail actively seeking out and interacting with different viewpoints and artists, as well as giving them venues and tools to present their work. I think we need to promote more inclusive and equitable practices and question and demolish the systemic prejudices and Eurocentric norms that have traditionally dominated the arts. A new group of artists and art enthusiasts will be motivated by the museum, in my opinion, to learn more about Africa's rich cultural heritage.


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