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Lost Folk Museum

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Published on2024/04/29
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Play to Preserve the Past: Lost Folk AR is the convergence of two worlds - my Vietnamese heritage and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding our intangible cultural heritage through augmented reality (AR). In an era of rapid urbanisation and globalisation, countries like Vietnam are witnessing the erosion of their invaluable intangible heritage. AR serves as the medium to bring the audience into the heart of Vietnamese heritage. The series of apps 'Play to Preserve the Past' offers immersive cultural experiences that bridge spatial and generational gaps, introduce a contemporary image of Vietnamese tradition to international audiences, while reclaiming Vietnam’s narratives through lesser-known aspects of our heritage. Modernity has changed the way we celebrate festivals over time, and in this digital era, when portable device becomes an integral part of our daily lives, this work asks: how can our cultural heritage evolve with AR technologies, becoming a living heritage in its own right? This journey is not merely an academic pursuit but an introspective journey reflecting human advancement in a technology-dominated era. Standing at a critical juncture where traditions evolve with technology, we must always explore the complexities of cultural authenticity and technology usage in design for heritage safeguarding. This work hopes to inspire creative practitioners to become responsible “future ancestors”, ensuring sustainable digitisation of their heritage through creative practice.


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