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Weird Inside

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Published on2021/10/25
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There is a saying that babies have hundreds of millions neural connections than adults. As growing up, we lost most of them in order to shape the way for understanding the world. We obverse people all the time, we learn how to behaviour, following rules of life. We put on masks and become cautious; We are exactly in the loneliest era. Yes, sometimes the world could be wrong, the isolated world let us close ourselves, doubt ourselves, I cannot even know who I really am. Am I right? Am I wrong? Should I suppose to do that? Oh, come on, forget all the constraints, set you free and let it go. In this world, no rules, no right and wrong, only people dance day and night. "Hey! What are you weirdos doing?" "Hey! Why are you swimming in the air? BGM: I know sometimes a man is wrong ------ David Byrne


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