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Published on2022/04/19
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Imagine a world operating on its own. Our minds live as one gigantic city, we have no living form, yet we can feel the universe and each other's minds. There is no past, no present, and no future. Everything turned into one endless machine towers radiating different energy received from distant galaxies. Does it feel uncanny? Is it our future when we turn everything into pure technology and transfer our consciousness into something else? This is a limbo space, minds can live there forever or send themselves far away into another world and another life encounter. The only living creature we can see here is a fabricated spider Glyph spinning in a loop transmitting operations between realities, creating our existence. Experience a virtual trans walk inside digital leftovers of our civilization. In this experience you do not need to do any action, just relax and walk; encounter shadows and reflections of our past lives which turn into timeless beings. What memories can it recall if any?


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