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How to Knit a Human - the AR version

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Published on2024/02/28
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What colour was my madness? I was not there to see it, but I am told it was kaleidoscopic and florid and bizarre. My experience of madness is valid. Stolen from consciousness; someone experienced it, but not me— my body perhaps? Waking up in hospital in 2011 was like having been in a coma for two months. Now I join and piece my story together— I have tried many times, in different orders, structures and selves, using whatever form I can. I do not take memory and sanity for granted. I do not take many things for granted anymore. But what is hindsight, if not wisdom for a future self? What is stress, if not food for a madness seed? This AR platform leads to my interactive version of 'How to Knit a Human' online. My memoir 'How to Knit a Human' comes out with NewSouth Publishing in 2024. The interactive version, and my book, were developed from my PhD project at Queensland University of Technology. Thank you to my wonderful PhD supervisors at QUT: Kári Gíslason and Lesley Hawkes. This project has received support through an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship. www.annajacobson.com.au


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