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Midnight Ghost Cafe

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Published on2021/10/31
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In a cafe in Berlin, where people meet to enjoy delicious coffee and pastries, former regulars appear after midnight in the form of ghosts. They are sharing their stories with the player, who is able to have a very atmospheric, virtual cafe experience. This experience is a collage of memories of a special place - the caf Two & Two in Berlin, Neuklln - and some of my friends who have frequented it with or without me, while they were living in Berlin and have since moved away. It is a documentary and also very personal piece that let's everyone in the world visit this caf and have a chat with the owner as well as my friends. I believe that it is not only the place but the people and their stories that create a reality. In the displaced society in which we are now unable to meet each other at will, I have felt the need to create a space for my friends to meet in VR. Order a coffee and get some pastries and enjoy this extension of reality. Idea, concept & realisation:Susanne Barthl@fiktiverealitaeten Ghosts: Hiro, Sakura, Masa, Hiroko and Tose Two & Two material: Tose 3D Reconstruction cafe: Jason Dean Thanks to the wonderful creators who are offering their work to use for free: Unity Asset Pack Coffeeshop Starter Pack by Puzzled Wizard Freesounds.org sound effects by: shop_door_bell.wav by 3bagbrew City Ambience At Night 2.wav by Joao_Janz purr.mp3 by Taira Komori (http://taira-komori.jpn.org/freesounden.html) Cat meow by TRNGLE Plate Put Down.wav by CapsLok Kitchen room tone day.wav by vovere Poly.pizza models: open book by Justin Randall [CC-BY] Cat by Poly by Google [CC-BY] Regular Office Chair by Annie May [CC-BY] Table by Poly by Google [CC-BY] Fiddle-leaf Plant by Poly by Google [CC-BY] Potted Plant by Jakers_H [CC-BY] Beer Table by Michael Ksdorf [CC-BY] Orangina bottle by dav dav on grabcad.com


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