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Published on2022/10/20
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Welcome to the world of Genkai Diver! Genkai Diver is an AR x bullet-hell shooting game in which you control Penguin, which moves in tandem with your smartphone, to avoid enemy attacks and defeat them by hitting them with your own attacks. Due to the nature of the game, playing in a confined space may result in injury from bumping into objects or walls. Try to play in a large space. In keeping with the theme of this year's NEWVIEWAWARDS, "Create a Melting Reality I created a game in which the real world in which we normally spend our time suddenly sinks and becomes underwater ruins, and in which we can see penguins and sea creatures swimming and fighting as if they were flying through the ruins. Personally, I am satisfied because I can now see penguins swimming in my room and an octopus shooting an extremely thick beam. Also, by creating games in a situation where there are still very few AR games in Stylly. I also wanted to prove that I can make an interesting AR game in Stylly! I also made this AR game because I wanted to prove that I can make interesting AR games in Stylly. We are happy if we can be a catalyst for Stylly to become a platform for AR game development and distribution.


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