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Published on2024/04/28
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Sonic and visual languages are unique expressions of each animal's embodied sensory reality and experience. Perception and communication are embodied and subjective. There are so many different ways to see and hear the world. It is alive with communication. FOXP2 is an interdisciplinary, practice based research project about listening to and visualizing the voices of other species while thinking about the connections between our intersecting perceived worlds. The Styly iteration of FOXP2, built for Everywhen ISEA is a place where the voices of flying foxes and birds are stored in cold temperatures for preservation. This is part of of a larger project started as an art practice PhD at UNSW in Sydney, Australia and is a continuation of artistic research on animal voices as sculpture started in 2007 in Quebec. You can locate the flying fox audio in this world by flying to each of the 3 trees. (press shift to move faster) The bones of virtual architecture representing the voices of kookaburra, Australian raven, pied currawong and Australian magpie float around the perimeter like scratches in the sky. In Sydney, these species share the soundscapes. There are currently 2 other FOXP2 iterations - in Hyperfy: https://hyperfy.io/foxp2 and in New Art City: https://newart.city/show/foxp2 The skybox was generated with Blockade Labs Skybox AI. The flying foxes were recorded babbling in the tree outside my bedroom window. Created by Pearl Hyacinth aka Melody Owen


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