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Memories of Trees - Location Marker

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Published on2021/10/16
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In March 2020, the UK went into the first lockdown and I stopped commuting to the office. I felt anxious and lost with sudden change. Unconsciously, I sought refuge in the local green space, Hampstead Heath. Daily walks to the Heath made me notice varieties of trees, plants, birds, animals and transitions of seasons throughout the year. I began to wonder how old the trees were and what they saw over many years, which inspired me to explore the history of the Heath. Then, I imagined how they would keep their memories, what they might look like and how they would show us. So I decided to explore my local green space from the viewpoints of passive observers, large old veteran trees, in this work. Traditionally, the history of places like Hampstead Heath would be told through the information board at the entrance. Telling the history of the green space has been reimagined through the use of AR to bring the natural world and virtual world together to create a new reality. Reimagined process allows us to experience the memories of trees in the actual environment where the events of memories took place many years ago.


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