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Published on2021/11/19
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You are a small virus destroying native cells. Better played in VR. Grab the glyph device to be able to destroy as many cells as you can. The sound will help you to find the glyphs in this space. The project is an unknown world for aliens and artists to evoke a feeling of suspense and confusion, and thoughts about alternative spaces or creatures we can encounter in the context of time. Based on the petroglyphs’ archaeological insights and old myths as well as self-speculation I wanted to create an environment unfamiliar for us. Where we can travel and try to communicate with the unknown creatures by the methods we don’t know and language we don’t understand. The VR project is made to represent a new speculative world without a human-centered presence, based on the small microorganisms of our galaxy to illustrate the unknown environment and feeling. The project is the second part of the Neo Tengri Link to the quick trailer:


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