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rudus - Elina Lex

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Published on2022/06/22
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“Ruderal” derived from the term rudus, meaning rubble, refers to the spontaneous growth of plants, often of invasive species, that take root and thrive in disturbed urban areas, whether from abandonment, neglect, or from extensive alteration and degradation. Ruderal plants deemed invasive are often maligned because of their unruly movements that transgress the borders established by settler power.  In settler Toronto, Geary Street's ruderal identity is made of a blend of ecologies, histories, and uses, as well as a juxtaposition of contrasting urban and natural environments in one ecosystem: from its beginnings as a natural ravine system to an urban waste dumping ground, transformation from industrial to post-industrial neighbourhood, and its transitioning from hydro-electric corridor to a newly developed “Green Line” linear public park system. rudus aims to highlight marginal ruderal species in the landscape to unsettle these complex histories and relations, and to contribute to a re-imagined future of the street. As Geary Street continues to transform into the future, the AR piece allows users to rethink their relations to the changing land and its unruly ruderal creatures who cohabit this space. Ruderal plant life growing along the railway and green spaces that make up Geary Street’s ruderal identity have been “excavated” and collected through 3D scanning to be re-embedded back into the landscape through AR. The experience encourages ruderal relations by walking and wandering off the "beaten path." Sound Design: Nick White


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