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-The 4th Wall-

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Published on2022/10/31
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The 4th Wall is a VR film that takes the concept of the "fourth wall" in performing arts as an opportunity to examine the future of reality. It has been said that the 4th wall is the boundary between the artwork (fiction) and reality, and that its presence encourages the audience's immersive viewing experience. I like the production in which the "fourth wall" is broken. When a performer on stage suddenly stares at us, or when the film unexpectedly shows a writing block or a camera. I feel uneasy as if the ground I believed in is gone, and I feel relieved when I reconnect with a new definition of reality within myself. I always wonder if this is what "reality" is. Today, with the development of XR technology, the scheme in which the other side is fiction and this side is reality is no longer valid. In a world where reality and unreality, even the distinction between the two, is losing its weight, where can we find a certain reality in which we can still feel "I am here"?


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