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Sleep in Sheep

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Published on2020/10/27
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This is an AR piece that you experience before you fall asleep. The moment you fall asleep, it is a very magical time. You are away from reality, and before you know it, you are in a dream world. There are times when it feels good, and other times when it is difficult to fall asleep and the time passes. The boundary between reality and the dream world becomes increasingly blurred; for example, the ticking of the clock that was bothering you becomes music, or a stain on the ceiling may even turn into an animal. When I can't sleep, I count my own personal sheep and wait patiently. In the meantime, my familiar room may become a riverside at dusk, illuminated by the lights of the first disco I ever went to, or a scene from a horror movie. I invite you to turn off the lights, lie on your back, and imagine your own sheep for a little over four minutes as you experience it. And when you're done, gently close your eyes as you contemplate the scene. LICENSE: - Google Poly, https://poly.google.com/view/9nvBoaVZuX2 - Mixkit, https://mixkit.co/free-stock-music/


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