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Eth Global VR performance concept

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Published on2022/09/30
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I reflected on the mythology of Colombia and the futuristic moment we are having, symbolised by this event. I was deeply fascinated by the myth of the goddess Huitaca who is associated with the white Owl. She is at once seen as powerful, free thinking, watchful and protective, and also a victim of censure and restriction. I wanted to present the myth in a empowering way to showcase an empowering freedom to taste/ test Ethereum. I placed a stylised symbol in the national flower of Colombia (the May flower) and showed it being eaten and grown. I want to convey freedom of choice to try new things and evolve.So I have made an owlish female figure tasting the Ethereum Mayflower. This is not Huitaca herself, nor is it the exact Eth symbol. It is a creative reference to both realms of knowledge and I seek to convey a sense of historically aware evolution. Google and Wikipedia have been consulted liberally in the research of this design!


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