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Published on2019/09/29
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This work discuss in the age of multidirectional Internet age, relationship, time-space and coordinates entwined to form many different surfaces of turbulence. In the age of technology, people use Internet, a way in virtual space to keep contact and relationship, when tracing back my own life experience, half of my relatives are living in foreign countries, on every weekends, we use live video messages to communicate, and in the busy daily life we often connect with the people around use through Internet. Although the Internet space let us overcome the problem caused by time, distance and space, eventually we rely on the virtual world to live, but at the same time all these cause fragmented emotions and memories. In the pre-production process of this work, I tried to live in the actual living space of my relatives and friends who usually contact with me through Internet only. And I use 3D scanning software and arbitrary lens capturing method to scan their daily living space, producing irregular dilapidated and blurry images, and then I import the images of different environments scanned in different times into 3D software, and put them in new, virtual, artificial spatial coordinates, setting up a virtual camera in order to carry out the turbulence and prying of space, representing those appearances which may be more real than reality, and try to explore in the age of accelerated development of information technology, we seems grasped more, but become more incomplete. Roduced by the video chat between two mobile phones, and hence echo is produced in the loop of sound receiving and transmission between them. After the physical quality of words in speech have been changed, the camera screen is still gazing at each other and continue to chat, they became the illusion of longing.


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