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Effortles Young Discussion 01 Digital Closet demo 01

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Published on2023/01/27
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Subtitle: The thousands of memories in one meal Find one of the most delicious aged sushi in the middle of Tokyo through the memories of ourselves wearing something we love to age like a medium that can be relative through a mind of an effortless young. Inside the limited yet almost unlimited clone of my owned clothes, you will feel like an emperor of China back in the days when Bing Ma Yong was a thing. Imagine a day when you will be buried with your loved clothes, all of them, shaped of course differently as each of them carry a different life due to the encounter with no other than you. Find yourself tracing each of these items like memories, like photos, more than just clothes, they are your "Fashion" closet to take to the grave, so take a seat at the Japanese tea room and enjoy a lifetime of memories as Karesansui - still garden of zen.


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