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AR-T-shirt_The fate of apples [Ringo no yukue]+VR

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Published on2020/10/18
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The pattern of the T-shirt became AR.It is the solid work which I created in TiltBrush. The apple colored CG a pencil sketch. It consists of three scenes in one scene.It is up to you where you begin a story with. Please see it from the favorite scene. The recommendation of the author is a turn to see in the left circumference from the scene that a blue bird flew in with an apple in its mouth. In addition, I prepare for AR which can confirm a try-on and the goods of the T-shirt which made this AR model from the following links for the cause 360 degrees. Try-on and confirmation AR of the T-shirt are this. https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/abed76b4-c8bd-4149-9392-4329c84fae5b VR of the TiltBrush work was added! (2020/12/23) Let's walk around the work space! https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/082f8863-1dda-4ad5-a00f-3d76f59a2bf9 A sale planned shop is this. XR and goods shop [EVS] https://enpichi-vr.booth.pm/ We put on AR in the body, and let's flock in the town! STYLY application is necessary for AR experience. The STYLY application is this. https://styly.cc/ja/mobile/ AR function, button introduction Main button: I move it and turn it, and extended reduction >> function includes it. The lower left button group: Various menus. The right side: A supporting operation button displays it. I move >> model to change (hand) in a fixed state. I turn in >> model to turn (arrow of circle). I enlarge and reduce (+-) >> model to enlarge and reduce. I return Re >> state. I close a menu.


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