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Cyber City

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Published on2021/11/20
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A thousand years into the future, and there now are more machines than humans, but those who remain have a vast, sparkling, electric techno city to play in. All trees are twisted, leafless, and lifeless. The only plant life left, exists in Captive Zen Gardens, iridescent, shimmering glass domes, like #futuristic museum exhibitions. Giant screens show alternating images of how life used to be; ghosts of memories of the other creatures we used to share this burnt out planet with, and, to forget our woes, Cyber Art Cinema, made by robots for robots, plays on endless loops. I want this giant #CyberCity to be launched into the #Metaverse so that people can experience it life-size, to walk around in it, and my next project is to break it down enough in #Blender (shudder!) and passed through #Unity so that it can be uploaded as a #VirtualReality #VRArt space in #StylyVR #AltSpaceVR or #VRChat. Why not all three!? Any help and advice is always appreciated, as the technical side of my art lags way behind my creative side. Made in #TiltBrush on an #OculusQuest 2 and a #RogStrixScar 3 for Week 46 of the 2021 #YearOfVRArt Challenge by #VRArtLive by #VirtuallySusu #susu_vrArtist. Please subscribe to Carli Susu on YouTube ( www.youtube.com/c/CarliSusu ) and follow susu_vrartist on Instagram to see all my VR Art and tutorials. I LOVE to engage with my followers, so am always happy to chat. Spread the word, the word is LOVE!!! https://youtu.be/vqW1Yb0rZqU


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