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my room / my sound _old

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Published on2023/01/14
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[HMD only] [Web player : https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/59b4214a-31dc-4d10-bb36-39331ba9de5a] About I have attempted to make my memories of a certain period of my life into something experiential through the use of space and sound. The space is an apartment in Tokyo where I actually lived until a few months ago. The space was reproduced virtually and divided arbitrarily. From each space, sounds related to my memories are heard. Some of the sounds are my own, and some are sounds that I heard or felt as if I heard from the outside. I would like you to experience my "memory" from each space and its related fragmented sounds. We also reconstructed such fragmented sounds to create one piece of music. This piece of music, which was originally made of unrelated sounds, emerges as one coherent sound only when you experience the space within this work. I intended to create such an interaction between sound and space. What are the possibilities of "personal and ambiguous memories" in this age of "objective and accurate records"? This work will serve as a base for exploring this question.


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