The Future of Memory

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Published on2023/03/26
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Made by Zhang Shuyu For us humans, our memories of the past come from a variety of recordings, such as paintings and books. Nowadays, information from the digital world is filled with a lot of false and confusing information. Not only do they directly change our current view of things, but they also change our future memories. And, for emerging AI technologies such as AI painting, it can generate large amounts of information that are not consistent with the facts but confusing, and future memories will be led in unpredictable directions. My scene shows some spliced creatures, representing the present in future memories that will be drastically altered and spliced to become weird and strange. Also, I used a human head with half a human brain and half a mechanical head to represent the impact of technology and information, and the continuous delivery of particle effects to creatures indicates the generation of splicing memories.


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