Anaximander's Leap: Embarking on a Journey to Quantum Gravity

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Published on2023/09/23
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"Anaximander's Leap: Embarking on a Journey into Quantum Gravity" is a heartfelt expression of my personal journey and the profound impact that theoretical physisict Carlo Rovelli's writings on Anaximander and Quantum Gravity have had on my life. It seeks to convey the deep sense of wonder and gratitude I feel as I explore the visionary ideas of Anaximander, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of this intellectual voyage. In the vibrant landscape of this narrative, I envision Anaximander in Miletus, standing at the water's edge, gazing at the endless expanse of the sky. While other civilizations of his time believed in a world composed of the heavens above and the earth below, each supported by a curious assortment of ideas – from Earth-bearing turtles and elephants to colossal columns as described in the Bible – the Greeks, and particularly Anaximander, held a different perspective. To them, Earth was not held up by any fantastical support but was instead a solitary, weightless stone suspended in the vastness of space. The Greeks remarkably comprehended that the heavens extended beneath their feet. Anaximander marks the starting point of an intriguing journey into the realm of quantum gravity. My project is an exploration of the profound admiration I hold for the individual who made this monumental leap in understanding: Anaximander of Miletus. Creative tech tools I used for the creation of this project: For Concept Art: For 360 Skybox: Music: "To The Great Beyond" from Between The Rings. by Stellardrone Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 - Creative Commons


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