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Published on2020/10/06
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As a characteristic of VR, the display covers almost all of the field of view and is capable of displaying three-dimensional images, so the spatial limitations are removed from the senses. In contrast, ordinary displays are flat and the device itself is often defined by its size and distance. This work takes this gap as a foothold to experiment with various expressions that take advantage of the symbolic nature of displays in the world of VR by daring to use a display as a motif. Firstly, in order to mix the spatial freedom of VR and the finiteness of ordinary displays, the same space is connected linearly by a display, and the structure is designed to overlap many layers. In addition, the image displayed on the display is a CG reproduction of "Bliss", a photograph used as a general symbol in the wallpaper of Windows XP, and the structure is designed to have a two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspective.


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