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Chapter one: Root about by Nadine Kolodziey

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Published on2022/07/22
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The artists depiction of a virtualized nature playfully addresses the question of future interaction with our technologized environment. At the same time she explores how to plant something digital thus immaterial in the physical space. In this approach, a hybrid user experience opens up, oscillating between both spheres. The virtual landscapes relate to and interact with the direct, physical surrounding, illustrating a symbiotic interrelation. Kolodziey makes clear that the communication and understanding of our environment not only takes place directly in the natural space, but also through the experience of virtual landscapes. Acknowledging all that we do not know, Kolodziey expands the wealth of knowledge while broadening our understandings of reality. In this discourse-relevant approach, she shows viewers a speculative reality of nature, offering an opportunity to connect in new ways.


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