acoustic void

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Published on2020/11/07
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It is a virtual reality that triggers spatial perception not by sight but by hearing. As dolphins swim freely in the sea by detecting the frequencies reflected from objects, humans may also be able to sense the weight and density of space and feel comfortable or uncomfortable with objects, relying on their hearing. In this virtual reality, there are six different feelings: fear, strange, uplifting, sacred, healing, and familiar. When you first enter the virtual reality, you hear a familiar scene from everyday life. Depending on the direction you are going, up and down, left and right, back and forth, the sounds that make up your everyday life are gradually decomposed and connected to different emotional spaces. Since each sound is evenly distributed from the center to the outside and seamlessly connected, there is also the possibility that you will get even more obscure emotions in the areas where the sounds gradate. The sounds in virtual reality were built in space in Unity using the original recorded sound source and some free source material. The background was created in SketchUp. We designed a new possibility for virtual reality the "hearing experience" that we perceive the space with our ears.


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