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Industrial Lichen

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Published on2024/03/27
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“Industrial Lichen” prompts attention to the impact of in- dustrialization and environmental sustainability on human life through an immersive experience, a profound reflection on the ecological changes between industrialization and nature. It provides a space for experimentation and reflection. The work invites the viewer to enter a virtual space where the viewer can observe and feel more deeply the concepts of time and environmental evolution conveyed by the work. And how we can live in harmony with nature in a rapidly evolving techno- logical age. By providing an immersive environment at the STYLY platform, the interaction between the viewer and the art is enhanced. This approach emphasizes WebVR’s poten- tial to deepen understanding of our role in advocating for the protection of the environment and sustainable development. In “Industrial Lichen”, WebVR makes it possible to deepen the connection with the viewer, encouraging them to think about the role of human beings in the natural world and how our ac- tions have influenced the past, present, and future.


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