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...Like You Never Left

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Published on2024/02/23
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Experience all of your happiest memories in the palm of your hand! From this device, it’s like you never left your home. Remember your childhood bed? How the soft fabric of your quilt kept you warm on even the coldest nights? Remember your favorite stuffed animals? The ever-growing pile of characters were the only friends you ever needed anyway. You always loved to jump in bed and spend your time playing with them, hugging them, giving them names and personalities. In this virtual world, they were never lost to time! But in this virtual world, you can never truly relive these memories in the way you actually experienced them, can you? You can’t smell the summer air wafting through the window, you can’t pick up each stuffed animal and hug them like you once did. In your mind, these memories are a whirlwind of senses bringing back the emotions you had once felt. In this virtual world, your memories are just pixels.


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