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Dreamscapes of Alternative History

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Published on2024/04/09
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Dreamscapes of Alternative history - Metaverse installation Inhale-two-two-three-four-pause-two-two-three-four-exhale-two-three-four "Our class was put on a bus and taken on a night excursion to watch the storming of Azovstal. The bus was parked a couple of kilometres away from the flooded areas, from where the plant was clearly visible and it was relatively safe. Everyone was told to lie on the floor and wait for the assault to be over, but I was peeking out the window instead." This installation in the meta-universe is an exploration of eyewitness dreams of contemporary historical events from the very centre of the event. The participant can immerse themselves in a semi-real world where modern history has taken a different path. Alternative worlds are variants of the present. How exactly does the collective cloud of alternatives represent the existing world? What does it say about it?


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