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"Everything is transformed" - An AR portrait of scientist Lavoisier

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Published on2022/10/30
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In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed: these are the words of 18th century scientist Antoine de Lavoisier, considered as the father of modern chemistry for his discoveries of Oxygen and Silicon and his studies on the transformation of matters. These words could open the notion of melting in two dimensions: the physical and the non-physical. Melting as the transformation of a matter from a solid state to a liquid state and melting as the transformation of a notion to another one (Life, Love, Art). This experience brings you in a virtual world with melted objects as a background and take you through a short virtual portrait of Lavoisier where ice melts to water, water makes life, life is made of love and love feeds the arts. The idea of melting is at the beginning of the portrait narration and leads to a depiction of Lavoisier which explore different dimensions. Its an occasion to reflect on the scientific conclusion from Lavoisier on transformation and to augmente it, why not, to non-scientific subjects, to the meanings of love and to the work of Jacques-Louis David. This experience is designed for AR only and offers two different option to be played depending on the user location: an Inside Mode for small spaces and indoor and an Outside Mode for wider spaces with cars and trees as background. Users can click on the different steps of the experience to unveil this virtual portrait of Lavoisier.


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