electronic anti-memory

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Published on2023/09/26
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The idea I want to express in this work is electronic anti-memory. Take photos before going out to eat. To take vlog records for watching concerts and traveling. Recording for the sake of display. The behavior itself is not good or bad. After all, I have such behavior myself. The order of recording and living is reversed. For the record go live. This also confirms the philosopher Derrida's term "archive fever". Whether it's a photo album, a cloud drive or a social media platform. Electronic archiving has become the way we preserve our memories. The odds are that life moments that don't make it into the electronic archive will be ignored or forgotten.A person becomes an electronic file. Storing means remembering, deleting means forgetting. I want to express the current situation of life in modern society. I created this work to express this state of life in modern society.


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